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Key suppresSTEM publications • IRB Barcelona

Whissell, G., E. Montagni, et al. (2014). The transcription factor GATA6 enables self-renewal of colon adenoma stem cells by repressing BMP gene expression. Nat Cell Biol 16: 695-707. PMID: 24952462.

Calon, A., E. Espinet, et al. (2012). Dependency of colorectal cancer on a TGF-beta-driven program in stromal cells for metastasis initiation. Cancer Cell 22: 571-584. PMID: 23153532.

Jung, P., T. Sato, et al. (2011). Isolation and in vitro expansion of human colonic stem cells. Nat Med 17: 1225-1227. PMID: 21892181.

Merlos-Suarez, A., F. M. Barriga, et al. (2011). The intestinal stem cell signature identifies colorectal cancer stem cells and predicts disease relapse. Cell Stem Cell 8: 511-524. PMID: 21419747.

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