Human bispecific Merus antibodies for cancer therapy

About Merus B.V.

Merus is a biotechnology company building a pipeline of innovative human bispecific antibodies for cancer therapy (Biclonics®) and single cell-derived combinations of antibodies (Oligoclonics®). Through the use of a common antibody light chain and CH3 heterodimerization technology, these full-length IgG antibody therapeutics can be robustly produced at high yields from a single clonal manufacturing cell line using standard approaches. Biclonics® and Oligoclonics® bind to multiple disease-associated targets such as growth factor receptors expressed by tumor cells. Synergy is achieved by addressing multiple pathways/mechanisms simultaneously, thereby eliminating tumor cells more efficiently and preventing treatment escape.

Merus meets a significant need in the oncology field: the supply of bispecific antibodies and single-cell derived antibody combinations with improved clinical efficacy to address the limited potency of conventional antibodies.

Merus role within SuppresSTEM

Within the suppresSTEM consortium, Merus serves as the coordinator. Furthermore Merus will develop Biclonics® antibodies which will modulate both development (Wnt) and proliferation and survival pathways to specifically inhibit cancer stem cells with minimal toxicity on healthy tissue. Functional screening of these stem cell-targeting bispecific antibodies for specific inhibitory activity and for selecting lead candidates will be done using organoids.